What are we about?

Nutrition TEMPL

Our customers are those that live an active lifestyle and seek to attain peak physical fitness and optimum health. They understand the importance of good nutrition and supplementation and how this positively influences all aspects of their lives.

Our mission here at Nutrition TEMPL is to provide premium quality sports and nutrition supplements to maximise results at any stage of your fitness journey. With a mindful and selective approval process, we ensure you’re getting the best of the best!

Our customers understand that their body is a reflection of what they put into it. Hard work, dedication and the right nutrition are imperative for optimum performance and results.

Transparent and expert advice is what sets us apart. Our goal here at Nutrition TEMPL is to help make it easier to navigate the overwhelming choices available in the supplement industry today and to provide personalised solutions.

Christian and Tina, with over 30 years combined experience in the supplement industry, started Nutrition TEMPL over a year ago. From the beginning of their careers, they’ve witnessed insufficient and inaccurate advice given on a range of industry products that were misguided for people’s fitness needs. They’ve dedicated their lives to nutrition and made it their mission to help others achieve their health and fitness goals with the customer’s best interests at heart.